Edward Scissorhands Question Sheet

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Discussion Questions on Edward Scissorhands

As you watch the movie you will need to take notes to answer these questions. The purpose of this film is to get you ready for the next role we will look at in depth which is that of the artistic designer. You need to consider the needs of the director and work with set designers, costuming and other professionals in the film industry for this job.

I would like a rough copy of your answers to these questions to be given to the teacher at the end of Friday’s class.

1.a The entire neighborhood is constructed, describe the colors used in the neighborhood scenes? 1.b What could be the desired effect in this use of color?

2. As the woman drives up to the haunted house there is background music playing. What is the desired effect of this music? Describe two other places in the film where the soundtrack or film score affected your viewing of that scene.

3. How does the costuming set the main character, Edward apart from the other community members and why do you think Edward is meant to be so visually different? How does this help the actor portray his role?

4. What is Tim Burton (Director) saying about the nature of conformity in this film? How does he use color and visual imagery to drive home this point?

5. Is Edward a tragic figure? Why or why not based on the outcome of the film.

6. What are some of the highlights, twists and turns of the story? Create a brief treatment for this film and hypothetically cast the roles of three characters in the film. Explain why you choose them for these roles.

7. Research online what people Tim Burton consistently works with for his productions and list three here. Discuss why creatively this might be important for a Director.
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