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HReview Question Chapters 1-20 Huckleberry Finn

Chapters 1-3
1. What doesn’t Huck like about the Widow Douglas?
The fact that she makes him wear new clothes that are tight and she wont let him smoke and he had to pray before he ate his food.

2. What does Jim think has happened to him as a result of the trick that Tom plays on him? Jim was sleeping when they snuck out, so Tom played a trick by placing his hat on the branch above his head; when Jim woke up, he told everyone that a witch flew him all over town and then placed his hat up there.

3. How does Huck know the drowned body that was found is not his Pap? Huck says that a man would float on his back, and not on his face, unlike that drowned person.
4. When Tom’s gang raids the “Spanish merchants and rich Arabs” what is it that they actually do? They interrupted a Sunday-school picnic, and stole the food.

5. Where does Miss Watson take Huck to pray?
Miss Watson takes Huck to pray in a closet.

6. How would you compare the characters of the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson? Who seems to be presented in a more favorable way? Why do you think so? Miss Watson is more lenient than the Widow and cares less about rule than the Widow, though she cares a lot about it. She is more favorable since if on is in her supervision, it would be far better than the widow’s.

7. How does Huck respond to Miss Watson’s admonitions to pray? What does this tell us about Huck? Huck says he can’t get what he prays for. This shows that he is young and superstitious in an innocent way

8. How would you characterize Huck’s self-image at this point in the novel?
His self-image is very young, rude, sly, and playful.

9. Why is the time period in which the novel set important? The time period is before the Civil War; Mark Twain said the setting was before the publication of the book by about 50 years. It’s important because the Civil War is a war about slavery and Jim in the book is a black slave, so I think that is important.

10. How would you contrast the characters of Tom and Huck?
Tom is more about rules and principles, but Huck isn’t. Instead, he thinks outside of the box and always questions the rules and thinks more about what is good for him rather than what rules are good for him. Also, Tom has an imagination and more playful than Huck, who is more realistic and has no imagination.

Chapters 4-7
1. How does Huck know his father has returned?
On his way home, Huck noticed that there were boot tracks in the snow; these tracks were unique in that one has the shape of nails.

2. What does Huck do with his money? Why?
He gave it to Judge Thatcher, so he won’t have to with it with Pap.

3. Why do the Widow Douglas and Judge Thatcher fail in their petition to become Huck’s guardians? They fail because the judge doesn’t want to separate the families and his father came back.

4. Where does Huck’s father take him? Why?
Huck's father finds out that Huck has some money and kidnaps him into a shack by the river. Pap beats Huck and Huck decides that he must escape. Huck fakes his death and flees to Jackson Island.

5. How does Huck escape his father?
One day Huck went out and found a canoe and hid it in the woods. Another day, when his dad was gone, Huck finishes sawing open a whole in a wall in the back of the cabin that he has started sawing some days earlier. When he completed, he gathered supplies and food to the canoe. He also came up with a master plan to make it seem like he got murdered by killing a pig, and messing up the cabin with an ax. He then went to this canoe and slept, and the next day he rowed out to Jackson's Island.

6. How does Twain satirize 'do-gooders' in his description of Pap's "reform?" How is the new judge different than Thatcher and the Widow Douglas? Twain mocks 'do-gooders' because whenever Pap said he was sorry and would change, they automatically thought he would change and believed him....
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