The Uniqueness of Jesus

Topics: Jesus, Trinity, Gospel of Matthew Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: April 29, 2013
More than two thousand years ago God came to earth as one of us. Jesus, born in a manger, came to earth at a time were everything was at its best and worst depending on the situation. While the Romans did bring common language, roads, and currency, they also brought along pagan ideas and the idea that Caesar Augustus was god. At the time of Jesus, Israel had never been worse. With their traditions and rejection, Jesus entered into Israel's worst times. While Jesus could pick to come to earth whenever he pleased, for some reason he picked the most convenient yet fallen age. Not only does Jesus' choice of history show his uniqueness, but his life and resurrection have even more to show about his incredible nature. While occupying only one part of the Trinity, Jesus played the most important part of them all. When he came to earth, he claimed to be God. In John 10:30 Jesus said “'I and the Father are one.'” However, even though Jesus claimed he was equal with God, it still does not give substantial evidence that he was God. When we look at what others said about Jesus then we find even more evidence Jesus was God. When Jesus' disciples saw him walking on water they said in Matthew 14:33 “'Truly you are the Son of God.'” Jesus' actions and miracles in his life caused others to believe he really was God, just like the rest of his unique life. The Jews thought that when their Messiah came he would come to rule the world with power. However, Jesus came into the world in the most ordinary way possible. He was not born in a palace or castle, but instead was born in a place where animals lived. While still a boy, Jesus sat in the synagogue and knew things about God that others did not. Jesus never became angry, annoyed, or impatient, but

he always taught people in a manner that would separate those that loved him from those that hated him. Jesus always taught in parables so as to grab the attention of his audience and make his explanations more clear. Not only did...
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