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Topics: Roman Empire, Christianity, Saint Peter Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: April 9, 2013
This picture shows two of the five elements of "the fullness of time" theory. The Apostles along the sides represent that they played a big role for Christianity to expand everywhere on earth. Jesus in the middle of the sun represents that he started Christianity and sustains the life of this religion.

The Messiah came at the perfect time and place between 10BC and 40AD. During this time period Christianity started from a Jew born from his virgin mother Mary. This was no ordinary Jew, this was Jesus Christ, The Messiah. Although many did not believe he was the Messiah he came just as prophets said he would, "But when the fullness of time was come, God sent his son , made a women, made under law." (Gal.4:4). I agree with "the fullness of time" theory because in the time frame that Jesus was born and raised was the perfect time and place for Christianity to start in some many ways. There are five important elements to the "fullness of time" theory. First; The perfect location, Jesus was born in the middle of many different civilizations which allowed him to spread his message to many different kinds of people. Second; The decadence of the Roman world, this had many people open to new ideas and ways of living. Third; Roman roads, this made traveling faster and easier than traveling through deserts and forest to get around. 4; the Pax Romana , this was so that the roman empire were at peace with each other and not at civil war which made traveling on the roads a lot easier because peoples were not shooting each other from either side anymore. Finally 5; Caesar's gift to the Jew's, this gift allowed the Jews to keep culture and not be forced into what the roman's did because of Caesar was grateful to them for rescuing him. These five elements surely made this the perfect time for the Messiah to come therefore completing the "fullness of time" theory. When Jesus was born he was an ordinary boy with a lot of wisdom, as soon as he started performing...
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