Moses is a Major Type of Christ

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  • Published: February 4, 2014
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Moses is a major type of Christ. Discuss why?

In this essay the fact that Moses was a major type of Christ will be discussed. The following points will be look at, the infancy of Moses and Jesus their Royal Background. The rejection they had to face, the miracles they accomplished, the fact that they were both mighty intercessors and spoke as the oracles of God, they were mediators between God and his people. Moses was similar to Jesus in his meekness. Other points that will be looked at is the leadership of Moses, the fact that both Moses and Jesus established memorials, the Brazen Serpent and finally the transfiguration.

Moses was born in a time where the people of Israel were oppressed by the Pharaoh of Egypt, who had ordained that every boy that were born should be killed. His parents had to hide him. Jesus was born in a Jewish Nation under the rule of the Roman Empire at that time the king Herod had ordained that all the boys that were born should also killed. Mary and Joseph had to flee to Egypt to protect the child. Jesus and Moses where both born in times were Israel was under foreign domination, they were both under death sentence when they were born; they were both preserved by their parents. (Exodus 1:22, 2:2-10, Matthew 2:14-16) Even though Moses was born as a slave he then became a prince heir to the throne. Moses wanted to save the Israelites from bondage He was in position of power but he decided to forsake his position and honour of Egyptian throne to associate himself with his Hebrew brothers. This speaks of Jesus that was at the right side of the father and decided to leave is honour and glory to come to on earth to save us. Jesus was heir and prince of the entire world but didn’t look at his position but came down in the body of a man for the redeeming of our soul. (Hebrew 11:24) After Moses had left the Egyptians He then tried to bring peace to his nation but was rejected by his own brothers “who made you ruler over us”. Moses then...
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