The Life and Teachings of Jesus

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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The Life and Teachings of Jesus

1. Why was Israel so full of unrest at the time of Jesus' birth? Israel was unrest from taxation, disrespect to local tradition and culture, the mounting religious tensions, the general wish to be free and self ruled, and the negative response to the Roman military presence which grew.

2. What were some of the expectations of those who thought they lived in the "end times"? They expected that the Romans would be destroyed and they would no longer be oppressed and face destruction. They also believed that God would build a powerful kingdom on Earth.

3. Describe traditional teachings surrounding the birth of Jesus. A traditional teaching surrounding the birth of Jesus is the Christmas Story. Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christmas time is a time of Giving in the same way as the time when Jesus was born, where the three wise men from the East brought gifts to the baby Jesus

4. Why would Jesus not be well received by the Sadducees and the Jewish patriots? The Sadducees thought Jesus was a problem because he might have lead a rebellion against the Roman empire, and the Jewish patriots might have felt that he was not anti-Roman enough.

Jesus in the New Testament Gospels
1. What are the Gospels and how does their viewpoint differ from a historical research report?The Gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The viewpoints different from a historical research paper because they are about the teaching and miracles by Jesus.

2. What were the basic beliefs and practices Jesus embraced as a Jew? Jesus Christ was born a Jew. Some beliefs and practices that Jesus embraced was he wanted us to love one another as well as our enemies. He wanted us to know that when we repent our sins, and accept Jesus Christ, we will know the definition of true love.

3. Explain Jesus' emphasis on love and its many forms.
Jesus had a huge emphasis on our love for one's enemies. Jesus was the teacher of love of mankind and for all religions. Jesus' teaching on love revealed who he really was.

4. Describe some other concerns and positions of Jesus.
He recommends not judging others, compassion, help for the needy and oppressed, forgiveness, and nonviolence. He urges simplicity and is wary of overly strict observance of laws when they hurt people.

5. How did Jesus measure up as a social activist?
Jesus did not fight for any political or social changes. The only changes Jesus sought were changes of heart. He actively loved others and gave teachers on loving others.

6. Describe Jesus' views and actions on matters relating to the family. Jesus believed that family was sacred. The building block of a family is a good marriage, where the children will be able to feel safe with their parents love. Jesus also believed that a Christian family should have Christian principles, and live by God’s rules.

Early Christian Beliefs and History
Paul and Pauline Christianity
1. Why is Paul sometimes called the cofounder of Christianity? Paul is sometimes called the cofounder of Christianity because of the way he blend the ideals of Jesus with his own interpretations. His preaching as well as building churches support this claim. 2. Discuss Paul's background and the events that led to his support of Jesus. In Paul's earlier years he was a Pharisee and was against the Christian church, but one day on his way to Damascus, God appeared to him and told him his identity, telling him that Paul was persecuting God when he persecuted the church.

The New Testament: Its Structure and Artistry
1. Briefly describe the four parts of the New Testament and their content. The four parts of the New Testament are Matthew, which is about the birth of Jesus and talks about the teachings of Jesus. Mark, is about Peter's account, which is an eye witness account and talks about what Peter said, who jesus was, what he did and where he went. Luke consists of interviews of people who watched Jesus...
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