The Unhealthy Food Ads That Hypnotize Children

Topics: Nutrition, Junk food, Fast food Pages: 3 (1487 words) Published: December 4, 2011
The unhealthy food ads that hypnotize children

Childhood obesity around the world, and particularly in the United States, is an escalating problem that is detrimental as its effects go on into adulthood. Each and every day we see a commercial about some fast food company trying to lure consumers into purchasing their products which are very unhealthy and have lead to the rise of obesity in this country, more importantly it’s the next generation that this is going to have a huge effect on. Children are spending less time exercising outdoors and more time watching television and playing video games, making their exposure to fast food ads greater. Then the parents go out and get these unhealthy foods for their child making it very easy for the child to face huge health problems later in life. There are many that feel the need to blame the parents for not being a good role model, but that’s another issue that also spurs up a controversial argument on the subject. Advertisement of fast food companies contribute to the epidemic of childhood obesity and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. Fast food advertising has increased its target to two to eighteen year olds. Researchers found that “40% of parents reported that their child asked to go to McDonald’s at least once a week” (Melnick). This was after the children were exposed to fast food ads. Although fast food companies like McDonald’s and Burger King pledged to reduce their marketing towards children on television, they are still digitally out there. McDonald's has 13 different websites targeted at various age groups; one site,, is specifically designed for preschoolers. Together, McDonald's family of websites got 365,000 unique visitors aged 12 or younger per month and 249,000 teen visitors, the new report found. Nine of the 12 restaurant chains studies also had at least 1,000,000 "fans" on Facebook; Starbucks lead with 13 million fans (Melnick). This may be good for the business of these companies...
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