The Tyger Literary Analysis

Topics: Question, The Tyger, William Blake Pages: 4 (1285 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Critical Analysis of William Blake’s “The Tyger”

William Blake, a well known English Poet, was a master of many art forms and he is responsible for introducing some of the most known pieces of poetry today. Perhaps his best known piece, “The Tyger', is a very mysterious piece of literature with many underlying meanings that can go quite deep. Now we will slow down, and closely analyze the poem stanza by stanza. If you're ready to experience the jungle of hidden meanings, lets take a leap into the world of The Tyger and take a look at this magnificent poem.

Stanza 1
Tyger! Tyger! burning brightIn the forests of the night,What immortal hand or eyeCould frame thy fearful symmetry? In this particular stanza there is a strong sense of mystery that is conveyed to the reader. The chant “Tyger! Tyger!” puts the reader in a situation where the mystery of the chant is a prevalent. The use of the phrase “Fearful Symmetry” is phrase that brings forth a sense of mystery while adding an eerie feeling to the piece. Stanza 1 is also important to the poem because it forms the setting of the poem. The reader can now more easily envision the tiger in the night time forest. The first stanza is also responsible for showing the reader who the poem is directed towards which is the tiger and who is speaking which is the author. In this stanza Blake uses the word “Immortal” which begins to direct the reader to think that that the poem may have something to do with a higher power, not just a mortal. In the first stanza the author implements the first of many rhetorical questions of the poem. The rhetorical questions are ones that the author asks only in order to answer it themselves. The idea is to plant the question in the readers mind and then supply hints until the reader gets to the answer that the author is going for. No question is being addressed per say, but one is being put up for debate which is what kind of person or thing could possibly create a tiger.

Stanza 2
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