The Three Types of Love

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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The three types of love

As you live, you learn to love in many different ways. You can love your friends, your family, your girlfriend or boyfriend, eating, writing, singing, learning and the list just keeps growing and growing till infinity. Basically you can love anything and anyone. Sure, you love your mother and father, but you also love your girlfriend or boyfriend in a different certain way. It’s the way you love, which makes it certain what the type of love you have towards anyone or anything. There’s a type of love called eros. Eros could be considered as the most common type of love of the lot – the intimate or romantic love between a male and a female. It’s a sensual desire, a passionate craving, if you may, of physical contact between lovers. We could also say that eros has proven to play a significant role in a long-term relationship. Eros is also a very demanding love, since it’s purpose is to give love rather than to receive. It’s a type of love, that is needed for the continuation of the human race, which makes this type very special and important. Although not everyone experiences this type of love, it’s mentally as it is physically a very helpful type of love. A type of love that everyone should without a doubt feel in their life, is a love called philia. In my opinion you can’t live a life without philia. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have friends or a family to love in a kind way. Philia can also be referred to as „kind love“ – a love which can be between a father and son, elder to younger or ruler to subject, if you put it into a format. This could be a kind of love, that makes you feel safe and humane by receiving and giving it. It would then be a very important type of love when it comes to the human mind. Since feeling alone and not wanted affects a human psychologically dramatically, which could then lead into different psychological troubles. That could lead into raping, which should be a whole different type of love, since...
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