Eros Research Paper

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Greek God Research Paper: Eros.

Eros is the god of love and sexual desire. Although that’s what he is mainly known for, some myths believe him to be a fertility god as well. After Chaos, Eros is one of the primal gods of the generation. Eros was as powerful as Zeus, Cronus, or Uranus before they were born in Greek stories later on. It is said that Eros, the most handsome, could break the will of the wisest gods or strongest mortal when scratched by one of his arrows. I chose Eros because to me he had more special and unique power than others. Not only could he spark the flame of love between two people but he also could drive two people away and make them not like each other. Eros also had an interesting love story for himself. Eros has many different allegories of his birth. The earliest known myth is found in the Theogony written by Hesiod. Hesiod affirms that he was the primeval god. And that the earth was once just a giant stone with no sky, sea, or living thing until Eros entered the world, and living things appeared and earth took its shape. The possibilities of Eros parents are unknown currently. His parent could be Aphrodite, Ares, Ouranos, Gaia, Aephryos, Iris, Eileithyia, Poros or Penia. Eros had powers unlike any other god. Eros has the ability to draw two people together and make them fall in love, push two people apart from each other and make them not like each other, and break the force of other stronger gods and mortals. Eros had two types of arrows, which he used. One golden with dove feathers, which galvanized love, and leaden arrows with owl feathers that drove two into indifference. Eros was also worshipped by others called Erotes. Erotes were replicated versions of Eros, and Erotes are the winged gods of love for all allurements of love as well. Myths describe Eros as bitter sweet, cruel, yet enchanting at the same times to his victims. Surprisingly, Eros would cause disruption when he could by affecting the hearts of many, although he...
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