The Third Eye

Topics: Love, Optimism, Hundred Family Surnames Pages: 4 (1596 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The Third Eye And Learned Helplessness.
There are two mental kinds of any person: Third eye and learned helplessness. Third eye is the self-understanding that gives you foresight and empathy to help you stand out of confusion. It is deepening awareness, that is your invisible eye. In one of Ha Jin's short stories, "In The Crossfire," all the sense and mind of Tian Chu in work together and keep him staying balance between his mother and his wife. In contrast, learned helplessness destroy resiliency. It makes people suffer all of horrible things in life, in other word, it is pessimists. This restricted will can be seen as the story of Lina and Panbin Wang in "Temporary Love." The third eye helps Tian Chu gives a right important decision for his challenge. The story of Tian Chu in "In The Crossfire" is the problem among generations and the life styles of immigrants in America. When his mother, Meifen Chu, lives in his house as a six-months visiting, she does anything she wants without asking him. Such as she invites Shulan come to join her dinner and tells Tian Chu pick her up no matter how bad the weather is. She is seem a trouble maker since she has antipathy to his wife. Meifen Chu even add tofu and soy to any food, does not care her daughter in law, Connie, has allergies with them. There are always the shouting in that house . That makes Tian Chu tired and stress him out. But instead of lamenting and self-pity, he struggle in situations that stir within him to releases himself from trouble. Tian Chu sacrifices his lucrative accounting job to stop the endless squabbling between his carping mother and his wife, instead of confronting his mother. But Connie, in her mind knows it is just a hustling, a solution to let his mother leaves there. With Tian Chu's third eye, he knows that his mother is not evil, just kind of mean. He knows she is not wick when she makes friendship with poor Shulan. But that is how much she love her son and that love makes she mean to her...
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