The Summoning

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The Summoning Book Review

The Summoning written by Kelley Armstrong is part of a trilogy called the Darkest Powers. The Darkest Powers is a fantasy trilogy that is about the supernatural beings. I give them the bonus because in this first book there was no mention of vampires as a main supernatural!

This story focused around a fifteen year old girl name Chloe Saunders has the ability to see ghosts. On the first day of school, Chloe saw a ghost which haunts her school. She had a mental breakdown during school and other people believed that she was crazy. She was sent to a group home for the disturbed kids called Lyle House. At the Lyle House, she met many other teens who had problems of their own; however, she uncovers the secrets about the other teens and herself. She discovered that they were not crazy, but rather they were part of the supernatural world.

Her housemates were part of the story that interested me significantly. Their relationships at the house were quickly developed, and there was even a possible chance of a romantic relationship. A character named Derek had the most interesting relationship with Chloe. He spent much of his time protecting Chloe, so perhaps there will be a romantic relationship between Chloe and Derek?

I found this book captivating and thrilling. Also, I find myself constantly craving for the rest of the trilogy. This novel ends very suspenseful, and I will have to patiently wait to read the second book. Furthermore, the characters were well developed as the story built up. I found that Chloe was a sweet girl that is not at all bratty for girl from a wealthy family, but at the same time she is quite shallow and naive. Nevertheless, I am eager to find out what happens to Chloe and her friends.
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