"Flawless" Read as a Reader

Topics: Pretty Little Liars, Grammatical person, Thought Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Rosa Italia González Pimentel González1 Ms. Xynara Croes

Flawless by Sara Shepard is the second book from the Pretty Little Liars series. It takes place in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. It is classified in the genre of young adults/fiction. This book continues the story after Alison's disappearance and funeral. Hannah, Spencer, Aria, and Emily, start talking to each other again and being friends because they continue receiving text messages from -A. So far, the girls keep receiving A texts and they're trying to figure out who it is. They're very paranoid and they think A could be anyone. Also, Flawless centers on the liars' biggest secret - The Jenna Thing - and how A could tell everyone about it. The Jenna Thing happened before Ali's disappearance. Ali set fire to Toby Cavanaugh's treehouse, to scare him off a little, but he wasn't there. Jenna, his stepsister, was, and she was blinded. Toby then took the blame. The girls also wonder why did he do that. Until now, the book has described how the lives of each of the girls is going since Alison's death, because even though they talk now, they're still not as close as they were before. Hannah is dealing with her break-up with Sean, after she crashed her car on purpose. Spencer is having family troubles, after she was caught kissing her sister's fiancee, and she broke them up. Her parents don't talk to her, and she is very sad about it. Aria is dealing with keeping the secret of his father's affair with his student, and she is also trying to keep her own relationship with her english teacher a secret. At last, Emily is trying to figure out who she is, and is very confused inside. She is also getting to know Toby better, which they all thought as a creep.

I think that so far, the book is pretty good. It makes you want to keep reading, because it is about interesting things, but I find it very easy to read. This book...
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