The Summary of Five Analytical Moves

Topics: Rhetoric, Psychology, Greek loanwords Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: September 16, 2012
In the first chapter, readers learn about the five analytical moves. There are five steps involved, which are to suspended judgement, define parts, look for patterns, make implicit explicit details, and keep reformulating questions. The readers then learn about metacognition, which means thinking about thinking. The first step is suspend judgement which means to stop judging by slowing down and re thinking what you are doing. This will open up your own mind to be more exploratory. The next move is define significant parts and how they’re related. This refers to dividing the subject into its defining parts, its main elements or ingredients. Then to consider how these parts are related. The third move is look for patterns of repetitions and contrast and for anomalies, which means looking for patterns and anomalous details. The fourth move is make the implicit explicit, meaning “to find in” and “folded out.” While drawing implications, we learn to make inferences and to paraphrase. The last move is keep reformulating questions and explanations. This move is to focus on experimenting and asking questions about specific details.

The second part of this analysis was ethos and analysis. Rather than telling other people what to think, the best analytical writers encourage readers to think collaboratively with them. Usually, the character of the speaker is described as ethos. The categories of logos, pathos, and ethos are very useful when it comes to analytically writing in college. When summarizing a chapter by using analysis, this is most helpful in short stories and advertisements. Logos is most used in academic writing, by using deriving and arguing ideas.
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