Ethos, Logos, and Pathos

Topics: Love, Abigail Adams, Rhetoric Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: February 26, 2012
John and Abigail Adams Letters
Every writer wants to make an amazing piece of work to show off to the world though writing. The author has to determine who the audience will be and what the purpose of his or her text will be behind their thoughts. Then, the writer will ask themselves three questions that will let the critic be able to decide whether it appeals to ethos, pathos, or logos. For example, John and Abigail Adams wrote many heartfelt love mail that contained ethos, pathos and logos to and from each other when American was getting on its feet. John and Abigail Adams long distance letters to and from each other explain ethos credibility of compassion for each other, logos logic of impact in each other’s belongs, and pathos emotion that shows way of thinking. John and Abigail Adams held a high stander of respect and trust in America history. That is why when John or Abigail Adams spoke America turns the quite up and the noise down low so that everyone can absorb what is about to be gained as knowledge. So, through John and Abigail Adams letters to and from one another the readers can determine both historical figures feelings for each other and America. They show their love by calling there significant other using pet names like “Dr. Miss Jemima,” “Diana,” and many more. Though, deeper in the letters you can see the attachment of America in the writing. This is shown by the announcement of rapid death, independency, and women’s rights. As you can tell ethos means convincing by the character of the author. Throughout John and Abigail Adams real respect and adored letters to one another we see the argument of love between the couples and the homeland that they take so much pride in day in and day out. This is John and Abigail Adams heart of the squabble. The readers of the sliver of writings proceed on reading to see evidence of love mixed in with friendship. The audience can see evidence of passion and companion between the pair with “love sweetens life”...
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