The Study on Job Satisfaction Among Academic Staff in the German Malaysian Institute

Topics: Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, Correlation and dependence, Employment Pages: 21 (5764 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Chapter 1

1.0 Introduction
The attrition rate among academic staff at non-governmental universities and colleges is one the rise. Its effect is not only to the organization but also to the students. The researcher will be focusing on the state of affairs and do a deeper researcher in this area. The researcher believes that one of the reasons for this state of attrition rate is lower job satisfaction among academic. This chapter contains the research topic together with the statement of the problem that is derived from the research question. The research will look into the objectives of the study, the significance of the research and the research questions. 1.1 Background of the organization

The German Malaysian Institute was set up by Gurantee as a limited company in which the founders are the Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce and industry (MGCC) and MajlisAmanah Rakyat (MARA)( The institute was formed as a result of a project which was a joint venture between German and the Malaysian Government. The reason for this joint venture is to encourage the transfer of technology through technical education and training ( It is also as a result of promoting Malaysian industry by producing highly skilled technicians or technologies in the field of precision engineering such as Mould and Die, Instrumentation and Control, Electronics and Information Technology and Mechatronics. The ex-prime minister of Malaysia named TunDrMahadir Muhammad is the one who launched the German Malaysian Institute in 1991 and the following year of 1992 was when the institute started its operation. It started enrolling student in 1992 as well and since from that time the numbers of students continues growing till up to date. There are 10 board of directors who governed the German Malaysian Institute and they are all from the government bodies and also from the industry ( There are 250 lecturers at GMI and the total number of students is 338. The courses that are being offered at GMI are Production Technology and Industrial Electronics with specialization in the areas of Mould, Mechatronics,Electronics & Information Technology, Product Design & Manufacturing,Tool & Die, Process Instrumentation & Control and Network Security. 1.2 Vision of the organization

“We are an internationally competitive learning organization delivering high quality technical education training and services for the development of competent and innovative human capital; responsive to global industry demands” (German-Malaysian Institute, 2011). 1.3 Mission Statement of the organization

“As a premier Malaysian learning organization that provide technical education and training using blended methodology for lifelong learning, customer oriented services, high quality industrial solutions and pre-university preparation studies” (German-Malaysian Institute, 2011).

1.4 Problem statement
The researcher has managed to come up with a problem statement of the research topic “The study on job satisfaction among academic staff in the German Malaysian Institute”. The problem statement is that there appears to be more dissatisfaction among academic staff in the German Malaysian Institute in the recent years and this may affect the teaching quality in the institute and any other things. The researcher is of the opinion that this dissatisfaction may be related to various factors such as lack of promotion prospects, the physical working environment being not too good and the remuneration received is not as expected comparing the effort the academic staff is putting toward achieving the organizational goals. The non-monetary benefits are other causes that may lead to dissatisfaction if not provided for example medical insurance, educational benefits, housing and transport allowances.

1.5 Objectives of the project
To identify the level of job satisfaction among academic staff of the German Malaysian...
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