The Study of Music

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Music and Learning: Integrating Music in the classroom

In this article from the book Music and Learning by Chris Brewer he speaks of music, and how it can benefit the learning process. The way music affect feelings and energy levels, it can be use to an advantage if known how to use music to create desired moods. Knowing What type of music bring which moods is essential. So set the scene what ever the means.

Things like background music stimulates internal processing, creativity and encourages personal reflection. Music stimulates by adding an element of fun, establishing a positive learning state and increases attention. Encouragement come from enhancing learning and living. Where creativity could be stimulated by enhanced imagination and release of tension. The use of back ground music during lecture, vocabulary decoding, or in group readings will improve with the use of music.

Also informing the reader about things like active learning, focus and alpha state learning and memorization. What active learning is when a person is actually activating their mentally, physically, and emotionally and create learning states. Focus and Alpha State Learning is when the actual tempo or "beat" of a song stabilizes the mental, physical and emotional rhythms to make it possible to retain more large amounts of information. Things like chants, raps and poems make it things easier to remember.

In other words music can be used to spice up the learning process of many things and help keep class fun and interesting. Things that the teacher is going over becomes more of a exciting activity instead of a lesson. Music unlocks the side that most people don't think is there, if its emotional or physical. Setting the mood could possibly counter act bad intentions of others and keep things under control.

This article lets the reader know that they do not have to use every way presented in the book. Although ideas in this article might spark your interest there are probably...
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