The Stolen Party

Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: July 12, 2011
Yi-Fan Kung (Cindy)
Alexandra Church
Due May, 26, 2011
“The Stolen Party” Reading Response
According to “The Stolen Party” by Liliana Heker, “I’m going because it will be the most lovely party in the whole world, Luciana told me it would” (28). shows that Rosaura, who is a maid’s daughter, wants to join her rich friend, Luciana’s birthday party very much. Rosaura thinks she is the same as another people who is also invited to the party, but she does not receive the reward of her effort. In the end of the story, Luciana’s mother say “Thank you for all your help, my pet” (Heker 32). This state Rosaura is invited as a servant because when everyone receives a gift, she only gets two bills for serving in the party. Also, Rosaura is discriminate by Luciana’s cousin, the girl says to Rosaura “You are not a friend of Luciana because I’m her cousin and I know all her friends. And I don’t know you” (Heker 29). This display Rosaura seems to be an outsider in the party. In my view, Rosaura is extreme naive. She does not understand a real friend’s definition and she is used by her rich friend. Luciana invites her to the party just want to cheat out of her, but Rosaura is proud to be one of the guests who join the luxurious birthday party. From reading the story, I understand different concept often cause disagreement and embarrass situations. As a result, it is important to know our value before we decide to do something. Never think that having many beautiful name brands is equal to a rich people because the disparity is still big. I think “The Stolen Party” is interesting because it is about a relationship between rich and poor, and the gap between rich and poor is always a problem from the pass to present. Therefore, I believe “The Stolen Party” is a topical story.
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