The National Socialist Party

Topics: Racism, Adolf Hitler, White people Pages: 4 (1369 words) Published: May 9, 2013
It is very surprising to see how many hate groups there are in world; especially America, which is considered “The land of the free”. Many people are unaware that these groups even exist. There are some in every single state, including a handful of hate groups in Illinois. The Nation of Islam, Americans for the Truth about Homosexuality, and the Ku Klux Klan which we’ve all heard about in history. One that particularly caught my attention is the National Socialist Movement, located in Detroit, with branches in Chicago. This group shares a hatred for Jews, and believes in Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. The National Socialist Movement is the largest Neo-Nazi organization in America. The group branched off of The Ku Klux Klan, and American Nazi Party, founded in 1959 by George Lincoln Rockwell, a former Navy commander. Rockwell was murdered in 1967, and The National Socialist Movement was created in St. Paul, Minnesota. Soon after in 1994 leadership was granted to Jeff Schoep. Schoep was 21 years old when he took over the group, which attracted many younger people to join the movement as well. Schoep soon created the Viking Youth Corp, inviting young boys and girls with parental consent to become a “more effective warrior”. Accepting only kids of European descent with no alcohol and drug abuse permitted. Schoep stated that children would be taught about the white race, military skills, and the nationalist socialist theories. The group began to rise in 2004, having theatrical parades on the streets to spread their name, and using an open arms policy and allowing other white supremacist groups to join them. NSM claims to be a non-violent group as stated by Schoep on the website, “I want it made perfectly clear to all of our members, supporters, prospective members, readers, etc. that the National Socialist Movement condemns illegal actions and in such we do not endorse any acts of violence or terrorism. The NSM is a White Civil Rights Movement that adheres to...
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