The Sons of Guadalupe

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Chapter 1 “Don’t Eat the Bear”

This chapter talks about the history of Guadalupe. Especially about some of the most important events in this little town. For example some conquistadores who ate a poisoned bear and died. But, this chapter does not only talk about Mexican or Latino cultures it also has some stories about Chinese and Japanese people.

El Rincon Del Mundo- Guadalupe is call “El Rincon del Mundo” because of its history and also because is located the in the northwestern corner of the Santa Barbara county. It is a little town that depends mainly on agriculture for its economy. This town is a mix of a lot of different people with different ethnic backgrounds but mainly Latinos. It is say that Guadalupe got its name from a Mexican catholic symbol “la virgin de Guadalupe” and it’s also a very important symbol for the people.

The Skinny Bear- The natives poisoned a bear with lethal poison in darts and the bear walked away with carrying dead with him, later some conquistadores found the bear and ate the poison meat and they all died from poisoning. The young people at Guadalupe in the 60’s, was the first generation to truly have an identity of its own. There was a group called “thee Group B”, which included many of the sons of Guadalupe, organized gatherings and parties, unaware of the natural beauty of the place, and the other recreational activities that could be made.

The Dune that Never Moves- Guadalupe can be a really strange town for any outsider who does not know a little something about it, like for example there are no traffic lights. Something else peculiar about Guadalupe is the waste that can be seen from many parts of the city, the waste that was left after the film of “The Ten Commandments was filmed in the southern dune and a bulldozer buried the set.

Cantinflas was Here- In Guadalupe you can see the ties that this town stills have with Mexico, for example The Royal Theater which showed some Spanish speaking movies and some culture from Mexico and also some of the greatest celebrities from that time like Cantinflas, Julio Aleman, and Tin Tan who performed in this famous theater

The hanging Tree- Guadalupe has a lot of history but some of the most disturbing happened at Le Roy Park where today people go and play and even it is where the local basketball team plays. But behind all this beauty a single tree has a terrible story a huge oak tree which is known as the hanging tree this is where the lynching laborers during the 1890’s took place.

Chapter 2: “Juan King’s Falafel”

Guadalupe is a city where nations meet. People from all over the world come to Guadalupe where you can appreciate and try a lot of different cultures for example two very famous restaurants “La simpatia” and “Juan’s King falafel ” this is where people appreciate their own culture and the other try and enjoy food from two complete different cultures. But cultures are also appreciated in sports.

The United Nations- One of the most peculiar things about Guadalupe would be its diversity of cultures now a day’s its most common its Latino but there were times when the Japanese were the most common people all this before they were taken by force to internment camps and all they had was taken from them.

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