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Rain of Gold is a book written by Victor Villañseor who talks about two families that escape from the Mexican Revolution to safety in the United States with the help of their mothers. During the time of the Mexican Revolution families will leave because I want to be safe because during that time it was horrible time to be in soldiers will rape young girls and get them pregnant or something bad will happen to them. A mother will do anything to protect their family. In this story both of the mothers; Doña Guadalupe Gomez and Doña Margarita Silveria; will do anything to make their family happy and also will always have a positive attitude even though they are going through rough times. The setting that this story take place in, builds up the character of each mother and show us that even though we are going through tough times we as mothers should always have our family together and enjoy the time we spend together.

Doña Guadalupe Gomez is a mother that sells breakfast to the local miner and washes their clothes. She is a Yaqui Indian that was saves from Leonides Camargo and adopted when he went to her town and started burning their buildings. She had hard times when she was young but when she grows up she had a family and took care of them even though her husband left them to look for a job. She will do anything to take care of her family; she will even hide here daughter in manure so soldiers will not take them. Something that she did that was brave was that she stood up for her son; she went up to him and gave him a gun so he can shoot La Liebre when his mom step free and them run for his life. Doña Margarita Silveria also has a similar life as Doña Guadalupe Gomez they both want to escape from Mexcio and they want to save their family. Doña Margarita Silveria lives in Los Altos de Jalisco with her family and they are traveling to cross the border. Doña Margarita Silveria tries her best to have food for her family every...
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