The Song of Songs vs. Lady Antebellum's Our Kind of Love

Topics: Poetry, Love, Rhyme Pages: 4 (1468 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The Song of Songs vs. Lady Antebellum’s “Our Kind of Love”
The excerpts from The Bedford Anthology of World Literature entitled The Song of Songs can correlate to the contemporary love song “Our Kind of Love” sang by the notorious, award-winning country music group Lady Antebellum. Besides the fact that these two works were written under antithetical circumstances and during distinctly different time periods, they both share many of the same attributes. Both of these works closely examine the word “love”, a word that is commonly misused in the present day generation. Furthermore, they both portray the profound, romantic feeling that a woman and a man share when they are both mentally and physically attracted to each other.

The Song of Songs, is often misunderstood. When many people first read this poem, they find it hard to believe that this sexual, explicit love poem is found in the Bible. Phrases like, “do not rouse her” (210.9), “your lips drop sweetness like the honeycomb” (213.11), “I have stripped off my dress” (214.3), and “I am a wall and my breasts are like towers” (218.10), are present throughout this poem. Many people read these phrases and think of them to be sexual connotations. These phrases are indeed erotic but what most people do not understand is that this poem is meant to show the love that God has created for a male to feel towards a female and a female to feel towards a male when they are in a monogamous relationship. This poem was also intended to be able to be used as lyrical hymn that could be sung. Many songs in today’s culture portray this feeling of love as well. “Our Kind of Love” is a country song sang by the country musical group Lady Antebellum. Although, at first many people may not agree, The Song of Songs, a poem that can be found in the Bible, and “Our Kind of Love”, a song that just recently was produced, share many of the same qualities.

The Song of Songs has two main characters: the bride and the bridegroom whom are...
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