From Ten Songs Paper Analysis

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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During World War ll, The German Jews were forced to live in intolerable condition and being hunted to death, many died of starvation and diseases. They were also placed in gas chambers. Children who were not able to work were the first ones to die. This reveal how much trouble, pain and tears they have been through. In the poem, “from Ten Songs”, by W.H Auden, the author’s words do not just simply express the inequality of being Jews as he describe the many imagery of unfairness but to show that they were actually experiencing life as if they didn’t exist. The poem begins by introducing a city with ten million people in it. “Say this city has ten million souls” (1). Some are lucky enough to have the luxury of living in the mansion, this is directly contrasted with the rest who are living in abhorrent condition, holes. However, there is not even a “hole” for these people. “Some are living in mansion, some are living in holes / yet there’s no place for us, my dear, yet there’s no place for us” (1-3). Having no shelter, in this case bring up the idea of alienated. This indicates the very start of showing their non-existence by saying they do not belong to anywhere. Similarly, the speaker didn’t have a passport and so he is consider as dead which also is another way of saying he doesn’t exist. “The consul banged the table and said, / "If you've got no passport you're officially dead" (10-11). He cried “But we are still alive, my dear, but we are still alive.” (12), showing the frustration towards the situation that he’s facing. The author uses “dead” in contrast to “alive” to illustrate the confrontation between what the speakers think of them self as “alive” and what the Nazis think of them as “dead”. In the Nazi’s mind, the German Jews do not live. Furthermore, in stanza seven, the author uses the imagery of thunder rumbling in as a jet fighter running across the sky. “Thought I heard the thunder rumbling in the sky” (23). This raises the idea of...
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