The Seven Wonders of the Ansient World

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15 Oct 2009
Sample Essay: 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

The seven wonders of the ancient world is a list of very important buildings a great Greek historian called Herodotus wrote, over two thousand years ago. They are seven because he only wrote about the greatest structures he knew, he did not know much Asia and the Americas.

People have always felt the need to create lists. Lists are accounts of vital places, places, people or events. About two thousand five hundred years ago a Greek historian named Herodotus is said to have made a list of what he thought were the greatest structures in the world. His list of places became known as the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

A wonder is a feeling created by something strange and amazing. It’s created when one sees or feels something rare and unexpected. Although there are several wonders in the world there are seven which are recognized as being ancient.

The great pyramids of Egypt

These are the buildings most associated with Egypt. They are found at a place called Giza which is a necropolis of ancient Memphis (Ancient wonders of the world). The pyramid age, which has a life span of over four thousand years, began when buildings began to crop up within the third dynasty under the reigns of Djoser. It is believed the shape symbolized the prehistoric knoll from which they believed life emerged.

The bigger sizes of these pyramids symbolize the powers which were vested upon the Pharaohs, the power and success of their country.

The hanging gardens of Babylon

They are also known as the hanging gardens of Semiramis. It was built by Nebuchadnezzar II in 200 BCE, to please his beloved wife Semiramis. Historically the Garden was 100 feet long by 100 feet wide and built in tiers to resemble a theatre (The seven wonders of the ancient world). There is a big doubt amongst historians and archaeologists if this paradise ever existed. It is believed that this garden was built in the...
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