The Structuires of Ramsees Ii

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The structures of Ramsees II


Ramesses II was an Egyptian the third pharaoh of Egypt who reigned in the Nineteenth dynasty. He is the most celebrated, powerful and regarded as the greatest ancestor. His reign was so long that many of his subjects, upon his death had to panic for they had know Ramesses as the pharaoh and the world would come to and end, having him dead. He was a great warrior and a peace-maker. He is also regarded as the first king in history to make a peace treaty, which he made with the Hittites, his ancient enemies. He acquired much, including extension of his empire from Syria to close to the Fourth Cataract of the Nile.

In his life, Ramesses built many buildings, structures and monuments, hence his reference as a builder in Egypt. He went on as to even have his own cartouche inscribed in existing statutes to ensure his name lived. He had these inscriptions deeply carved so that they wouldn’t be removed or destroyed by succeeding empires. He also had many colossal statutes which were erected depicting him as pharaoh. They were more than any other pharaoh has erected in Egypt, which helped him to solidify his existence and made him powerful.


Ramesses mainly did this to prove his power through architectural and construction works and to glorify himself as a living god. In his construction work, Ramesses used some materials from existing monuments from previous pharaohs, which he destroyed or had just fallen by themselves. His monuments represented him, his reign, his wives especially Nafertari whom he most loved and his gods. Monuments like the Chefren’s pyramid at Giza was a target for materials which were taken and used to build the base at Ptah’s Great Temple of Memphis. He built many buildings and monuments over Egypt and Nubia, and his designs have been well displayed and are predominant in structure and buildings, even those he did not construct. Many historians and scholars consider his construction...
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