The Role of Management and the Union in an Organization

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The Role of Management and the Union in an Organization|
BUS 372: Employee & Labor Relations|


Corporations are important members of the society as they are responsible for providing substantial input in terms of goods and services as well as adding to the growth of the country as a whole. The employees of a company are the only assets which do not have a monetary figure assigned to them yet the benefit accruing from the continued use of the employees is substantial. In a wide range of industries, the employees are members of trade unions which regulate the way in which organizations hire, fire and deal with employees including workplace conditions and wage rates etc. It is imperative that the organizations and the unions are aware of their roles and responsibilities because a lag by either one would lead to inefficiencies with respect to corporate functioning which would have a negative impact on the economy. The paper also seeks to explore various strategies which could be implemented by both the management and the unions which would allow them to regulate themselves properly as well as encourage the effective functioning of a relationship between the management and the union. The Role of Management in an Organization

As per the agency principle, the management of the company is charged with the role of managing the affairs of the company in a way which is beneficial to the interests of the shareholders. Therefore, in order fulfill the aforementioned requirement; the management is required to exercise various roles and responsibilities. According to Mintzberg, managers within a company exercise a range of roles which can be broken down into three main categories including: Interpersonal Roles

As the name suggests, managers within a company need to be good with interpersonal skills and sharing of ideas and information. The roles described under this ambit include: i. Figurehead: A manager must be inspirational in his conduct and should have the characteristics of a leader i.e. charismatic and influential so that people are able to relate to him and abide by his instructions (“Mintzberg’s Management,” n.d.). ii. Leader: Building on the above mentioned concept, managers are to act as leaders in their capacity i.e. the same concept applies to lower level managers and to the executives who set a tone of how the organization will operate in the future (“Mintzberg’s Management,” n.d.). iii. Liaison: A company is not a closed entity i.e. the company constantly has to interact with individuals and entities inside and outside the company; therefore it is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that effective and working relations exist between all major internal and external stakeholders of the company (“Mintzberg’s Management,” n.d.). Informational Roles

The managers also responsible for ensuring that adequate information is available and is flowing throughout all relevant sections of the organization. i. Monitor: The corporate environment today is constantly evolving largely due to changes like globalization and the ever so strict financial constraints. In such a competitive environment, it is imperative for managers to keep a track of all changes to allow effective strategy formulation. It is also important for managers to seek out patterns in internal performance and report regularly to the concerned individuals for prompt action (Cieslinska, 2007). ii. Disseminator: The managers are required not only to track information but to disseminate the same to all the concerned people in a timely manner (Cieslinska, 2007). iii. Spokesperson: Lastly, it is important for managers to realize that they represent a brand name therefore, it is important for them to act in the same capacity i.e. they should be able to communicate the corporate values and beliefs to the outside world in an effective and influential manner (Cieslinska, 2007). Decisional Roles

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