The Rivalry between iPad and PC

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  • Published : November 30, 2012
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The rivalry between Ipad and PC users is well-documented and increasingly complicated. Each time a new gadget enters the marketplace, consumers have more decisions to make about how they want to check email, watch movies, download music, and surf the web. But outside the typical debate, what should an end user consider when deciding between an iPad and a laptop PC?

At one time, the laptop was the height of portability, offering a slim, lightweight device that could be slipped into a bag or carrying case. The iPad, however, is only a little more than one and a half pounds, and is easily transported regardless of what you decide to carry it in. Furthermore, the iPad is easier to operate in awkward positions, such as on the subway or in the car. The downside is the smaller screen size, which might be an issue when editing photos or playing games.

It is important to realize that the iPad and the laptop PC were designed for separate functions. While some of the applications overlap, this is usually the deciding point for consumers. If you are interested primarily in social media, ebooks, and other content consumption, an iPad is more than adequate.However, those who spend a lot of time typing or designing might prefer a laptop PC. The applications available for the laptop are far more comprehensive. You can buy a mouse and keyboard for use with the iPad, but that costs extra money and reduces the portability benefit.

One of the biggest benefits of the iPad is the intuitive, user-friendly. The screen has more pixels and is generally more beautiful to look at than any of the laptop PCs on the market. This can be a huge benefit for consumers and professionals who want to enjoy working on their chosen device.Laptop PCs are notorious for battery life, requiring a charge every three to four hours. An iPad 3, on the other hand, can last up to 10 hours on a charge, which means you won't have to go looking for an outlet as quickly when you're on the go.

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