The Rise of Filipino Nationalism

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  • Published: September 2, 2011
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1. Revolt of Lakandula and Soliman (1574)
Lakandula and Soliman decided to rise in arms. They proclaimed their revolt and gathered in Navotas. Cause: Lavezaris’s reversal of Legazpi’s policy of excempting the native rulers from tributes 2. First Pampanga Revolt (1585)

Some brave Pampangueño leaders connived w/ the people of Manila and the Borneans. The leaders were arrested abd executed w/out any fair trial. Cause Abuses of the Encomenderos
3. The Tondo/Maharlika conspiracy
was a plot against Spanish colonial rule by the datus of Manila and some towns of Bulacan and Pampanga. It was led by Agustin de Legazpi, nephew of Lakandula, and his first cousin, Martin Pangan.The uprising failed when they were denounced to the Spanish authorities by Antonio Surabao (Susabau) of Calamianes Cause Regain Lost

4. Magalat’s Revolt, Cagayan (1596)
led by Magalat, a Filipino rebel from Cagayan. He had been arrested in Manila for inciting rebellion against the Spanish. He was later released after some urging by some Dominican priests, and returned to Cagayan. Together with his brother, he urged the entire country to revolt.The Spanish Governor-General Francisco de Tello de Guzmán sent Pedro de Chaves from Manila with Spanish and Filipino colonial troops. They fought successfully against the rebels, and captured and executed several leaders under Magalat. Magalat himself was assassinated within his fortified headquarters by his own men Cause Unjust Tax

5. Revolt of the Igorots ( 1601)
Spaniards were determined to proselytize the Igorots. An expedition was sent to stop them from resisting to colonial subjugation. Cause Refusal to Accept new religion
6. Revolt of the Irrayas, N Isabela in Cagayan Valley (1621) After the missionaries had left,led by Fray Pedro de Santo Tomas, the Irrayas killed their encomenderos and burned their houses. FR. Santo Tomas returned and promised them that...
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