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Assess the Significance of the Great Revolt of Jerusalem and the Siege of Masada Historical Investigation
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The Revolt1

Historical Investigation
Figure 1 (below) Source: http://www.jewishagency.org/NR/rdonlyres/0A8F1B8A-9FBC-49D6-B0DB-028F98B26762/46399/jlm21.jpg The great revolt of Jerusalem and the siege of Masada has had a significant impact on many people of different nations for centuries. In 63 B.C.E, the Great Revolt begun when Rome occupied Israel. Life under the Roman rule was harsh. Various factors influenced The Great Revolt. Three main elements in particular played a huge role in influencing the revolt. These were taxes, the appointment of high priest and the treatment of the Jews. The events that took place in the revolt led to the fall of Jerusalem and the encapturing and enslavement of Jews. Any Jews who escaped fled to Masada where they committed mass suicide. The acts that were committed at Masada have had mixed responses from people all around the world for hundreds of years. The Revolt

As was previously mentioned, there were 3 main causes for the revolt of Jerusalem. Roman governors were responsible for collecting tax. However, the problem lied in the fact that these men did not simply collect what was owed. Instead, a collection of the owing amount, plus pocket surplus money, was made. This was allowed by Roman rule, and thus the Jews simply had to suffer with such unfavourable, and corrupt, circumstances. The High Priest served in the temple, and on their holy days, he would represent the Jews. Previously the Jews were in charge of the appointment of their high priest. Soon, however, the Romans concluded that they should take over that privilege, resulting in the High Priest being only those who conspired with Rome. Thus, a significant aspect of the lives of the Jews changed dramatically, as their High Priest now became a part of those they...
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