The Retraction of Rizal

Topics: Philippines, Sangley, Filipino people Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: January 22, 2011
Borja,Jullius T.

It challenges strong belief and faith in our national hero by adding some more “facts” about the true life of Rizal. Though it greatly differs on the way the story was communicated to the viewers. Bayaning 3rd World had this sort of documentary feel that made it look more credible. The opening part of the film looked like we’re about to watch an educational film for elementary students. The movie’s simplicity is just beautiful for it directly speaks for itself and clearly expresses the message to the viewers with a touch of humor. 

I like the way they showed clips of how one thing could’ve happened and how they added some funny details in it. It was very amusing and very reminiscent of the distinctive Filipino humor. The movie also showed the classic “pilosopo” in Rizal and in every Filipino too. It was so true to the culture. One thing I also liked about the film is that they found a way to make those boring but precious historical letters and documents easy to understand and made it very interesting even to those who are really not history enthusiasts. They showed the letters and documents through face to face interviews with those particularly involved persons who were already dead decades ago and were able to extract a different point of view from these historical figures. This makes the movie more fascinating and quite puzzling. It somehow distorts the ever so perfect image of our dearest national hero but reminded us that he, too, is a human being capable of typical human error and weakness like us. It was like an overlapping time setting. I really like the concept and how it was so intelligently expressed. 

The retraction of Rizal was clearly a very controversial issue for history enthusiasts. I, for one, don’t really get the importance of such document. I don’t think that Rizal’s greatness would be compromised by a mere renunciation of beliefs and principles that he so strongly held on to before. The fact that he has...
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