The Responsibility Revolution

Topics: Great Depression, Corporation, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Jonathan Desear
Marketing Management

Precise: The Responsibility Revolution
By: Richard Stengel

The Responsibility Revolution talks about how American consumer had change over the period of time from the Great Depression to the Great Recession of 2009. How social responsibility is growing in the hearts of Americans as evident with their spending habits on organic products and green products which corporate America is now exploiting because they knew this will attract investment and customer loyalty. This discovery led to competition amongst companies trying to “outgreen” one another, a rivalry that is good for their profit as well as the environment.

One prominent personality who helped in its advancement is President Barrack Obama. During his presidential candidacy, he relentlessly sells and solicits the idea of green products and industry. His election in the office is the cause of his call for social responsibility and the effect of the evolving mindset of the consumers.

But this revolution was not embraced with open arms by the corporate world; their first stance was defensive as several companies were punished by consumers for their unethical behaviors, discrimination and unfair labor practice. The show of strength by the consumer with their ties with activist group and government regulatory is acknowledged by the companies because they know that they can not only tarnish a company but put it out of business. But just as companies knew that consumers can boycott a product they knew that they will patronize companies that are responsible.

Corporate response to consumers clamor for responsibility and commitment vary, some set up a consortium to run its initiatives, some set up their individual environmental and energy cutting initiatives and others started contributing 1% of their revenues to the Global Fund which gives a “halo effect” for these companies. The question of “green washing” also arises in the midst of this campaign for firms that...
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