The Responsibility Project

Topics: Ethics, The Table, Baseball Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: September 29, 2012
The Responsibility Project
Keith Shaheen
July 19, 2012

The Responsibility Project
Ethical principles are what we have been taught from our family, teachers and society. In regards to an organization, workers will care about how well they perform in their duties. The Organization should consider ethics as important because workers count on the organization to set boundaries of what is correct and incorrect behavior in the workplace. Organizations may want to be conscious of their ethics to avoid such unwanted circumstances as a bad reputation, criminal activity, or the organizations workers who run the company have ethical standards and believe it is the right thing to do. The short film I have decided to discuss in this paper from The Responsibility Project website is “Lawyers.” The film is about a lawyer named Ryder trying to make a decision if he wants to spend the rest of his life with that special someone, Ann. The subject of concern in the film is important because Ryder must decide if that special someone and himself have the same values and beliefs. Ryder is sitting at his desk looking at the ring he intends to use to propose to Ann when his coworker enters and asks Ryder to cover a case for him. The coworker makes a comment about how a public defender can afford such a ring, but Ryder defends himself, stating the ring belonged to his grandmother. The coworker states he has a conflict with the case, which turns out he has slept with the opposing counsel. This alone is not ethical and can cause disgruntlement in the workplace or even legal issues if he had taken the case. Ryder accepts the case from his coworker, but states the next murder, double homicide is his. Ryder leaves to go and meet Ann for a dinner date. While Ryder is parking his car, Ann calls, and asks where he is at. Ryder informs her he is in the parking lot and will arrive in two minutes. Ryder enters the restaurant and sees Ann sitting at the table. As Ryder...
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