How Personal Can Ethics Get?

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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BUS 520- Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Professor Rebecca Letellier
How Personal Can Ethics Get?
Nekisha Adekoya

1. Discuss how personal differences and preferences can impact organizational ethics. Personal differences and preferences can impact organizational ethics by the perception of the individuals in high management and all those working in the organization. All individuals have their own interpretation of what the rules are and the ethical climate of the organization. This is further explained by the Stages of Moral Development as described in Chapter 2 of the text. For example, an individual in the obedience and punishment orientation will perceive things differently than an individual in the social contract stage. If a person in the lowest stage feels that there is no risk of being caught, the individual will be more likely to engage in unethical behavior, if it benefits them, as evidenced by Lionel Waters of Wesson. Depending on the level of authority the individual has in the organization, the effects of their influence can be great or small. Mr. Waters is in higher management and his personal impact is great because it affects other people. Valerie faced this major dilemma because of her personal belief, but also because of his level in management. She was not sure if there were others in management that knew what was going on. 2. Discuss how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics. Organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics because good they should be developed and based on good moral ethics. It is an organizations expectation that its employees will know the policies and abide by them. I like the comments and personal commitment of Anne Mulcahy of Xerox. She expresses the importance of ethics to all employees throughout the year and on a yearly basis. All employees are reminded that “regardless of the division or the location, compliance with our policies and code of conduct is a...
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