The Relevance of Katz's Human Skills and the Relevance of Taylors Four Principles of Management on the Work of the Manager You Interviewed

Topics: Management, Goal, Organization Pages: 5 (1399 words) Published: August 1, 2011
The organisation in which the interview was conducted was with Blue Pumps International, and the manger is Mr James Davis. A pseudonym will be used in this interview as it was completed by my previous manager and an old colleague of mine helped in the interview process.

The company is called Blue Pumps, it is a water pumps manufacturer and water product distributor for the Australasian market. All products are manufactured in China in their own manufacturing facility and componentry also coming from the US and Thailand.

Mr James Davis is the Managing director; he has been in the role for 5 years since taking over from his father John Davis who started the business 15 years ago.

The organisation currently has 20 staff, a medium sized business with each state having its own-based management and a distribution network of over 200.

Mr Davis gets involved in all facets of the business, anything from production meetings to sales budgetary meetings. He has the ability to be flexible and with experience in each department give a confident account and opinion.

His education is a degree in mechanical engineering and this coupled with years worth of hands on experience has given James good grounding to make conceptual decisions (complex business decisions).

His major strengths are his technical knowledge, ability to control manufacturing and inventory purchasing. Good inventory purchasing enabled Blue pumps to hold enough stock to prevent a price change for many years, giving them an edge over their competitors.

It is quite evident that James role in the business is heavily involved and hands on in each department, organising meetings with departments monthly to reassess or review the goals. With such frequent meetings, its quite relevant that James uses Katz Human skills as a major structure of his management style.

Mr Davis explains how human skills and technical skills play a major part in the every day workings of the business. This has a strong relation with 4 of Taylors principles on scientific management, as all Blues pumps departments require an element of technical knowledge. A science is developed for each individual and all employees are scientifically selected with a technical mind or experiences as this enables James to teach and develop the worker and therefore reach the organisations goal. In the main body of this essay it will explain that Blue pumps structurally meets Katz Human skills as well as each part of 4 of Taylors principles of scientific management and how both of these combine to ultimately reach the organisations goal.

There was no major organisational goal defined, it was observed that each department had its own goal to achieve. The Service department’s goal was to achieve less than 2% returns for the financial year. This proves that James pays a lot of attention to detail; it shows that goals are set for each department and collectively if all departments reach their goal, the organisation reaches it to. Interpersonal skills would need to be good to be able to communicate and motivate the relevant staff to achieve this.

“Human skills are defined as the ability to work cooperatively with others to communicate effectively to resolve conflict and to be a team player. Human skills are primarily concerned with people” (Peterson, Van Fleet, 2004), this reflects a major part of the way Mr Davis runs his organisation, with the organisational goals based on category managers, and all the goals are communicated to each manager.

The structure of team building per department reiterates Robert L Katz quoting “human skills remain just as important at the top levels of management as they do at the lower levels” (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, pg 16.2008). Examples being when Mr Davis sits in on meetings to assess and motivate his departments, and also management of the corresponding departments need to motivate its own staff in the same manner.

Human skills play a major part...
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