Performance and Team Leader

Topics: Performance, The A-Team, Leadership Pages: 4 (1124 words) Published: November 16, 2011
Pre-instruction Writing Scenario
MGT 395 Summer 2009

Why are you completing this assignment?
This assignment serves two purposes. First, it will help your MGT 395 instructor identify your strengths and weaknesses as a business writer. Your performance may indicate a need for mechanics or grammar instruction or for visits to The Writing Center. Second, it will help the Culverhouse College assure the success of MGT 395 in improving students’ business writing competence by comparing pre- and post-instruction performance. Because this assignment is given prior to any instruction in MGT 395, your performance will count neither for nor against you in the course. However, if you fail to complete the it by midnight on January 26, you will lose 5% of your final grade (50 points).

What should you do first?
Read everything on this handout carefully. You will use this information, which describes a workplace situation (i.e., scenario), to create a document.

What is the scenario?
In MGT 395, we make use of workplace scenarios. A scenario prompts you to make decisions about a situation that is happening “now” as if you were really in that particular situation. Unlike cases, in which the best solution is often known (at least to your instructor), scenarios have no pre-determined or single right solution. Thus, scenarios truly mimic real life. The specific scenario you must respond to in this writing activity is described below.

Who are you?
You are a Team Leader at Anders Consulting, a small but growing strategy consulting firm in Atlanta. For a little over three months, you have been supervising a team of junior-level Management Consultants, who just finished developing a strategic plan with a division of RGP Financial Services.

What's the current situation?
The work you have supervised has involved a variety of research, interview, writing, and speaking activities. Part of your job as Team Leader is to collect and calculate ratings...
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