A New Cross Training Program for Churn Creek Mcdonalds

Topics: Skill, Training, Learning Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Executive Summary

Most businesses need employees to survive. It would be in a company’s best interest to cross train their employees, because some employees will call off or go on vacation and their jobs will not be performed. By cross training employees a company would save on labor and productivity, this would be because their employees would have a higher morale, and will not be bored with their jobs. As your business is open, you want your employees to get their jobs done as while as help your customers. If you have the philosophy: “if you have time to stand around, you have time clean something”. I would have to change this to “if you have time to stand around, you have time to learn something new”  

Churn Creek McDonalds, is experiencing a reduction in production and income. The problem seems to be targeted at the lack of communication between supervisors and employees. Employee productivity is at a low point. They have low morale and do not fully understand what is expected of them. The supervisor and employees must have identical understanding of what is expected. As I will show in this new cross training program, should help with this problem at Churn Creek McDonalds.

Why use cross training?
Cross Training is good for managers, because it provides more flexibility in managing the crew to get the job done. Furthermore, cross training is good for crew members also. It allows them to learn new skills, makes them more valuable, and has been known to combat worker boredom. There are many opportunities for cross training crew or managers at Churn Creek McDonalds. “Cross training programs are a way to more formally organize the process of getting employees prepared to be able to do more than a single job” (Friedam, 2011, paragraph 3). A company would most likely use a cross training program if it is going to “reduce costs, improve employee morale, reduce turnover, and increase productivity (Friedam, 2011, paragraph 3). Workforce...
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