The Relationship Between Work and Family Life

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The Relationship between Work
Family Life

Table of Contents
Objectives of the Study3
Review of Literature3
Work Life Balance4
Topics Targets of Research4
Findings and Discussions7
Number of Children7
Response Level to Statements of Section B8
Preferences on Methods9
Availability of the Methods9
Factors that Hinders Balancing the Work and Family Commitments10 Conclusion11
Appendix A -- Questionnaire14

List of Figures

Figure 1 – Number of Children7
Figure 2 – Response Level to Statements of Section B8
Figure 3 – Preference on Methods9
Figure 4 – Level of Availability of the Methods10
Figure 5 – Factors that Hinders the Work & Family Commitements11

List of Tables
Table 1 – Demographics of Sample7


This study attempts to investigate the relationship between the work and family lives. The research data was collected from 45 IT professionals working in a reputed software development firm based in Colombo. The company, having a flat organizational structure, has about a total of 125 employees working at a stretch to meet tight deadlines. The findings of the study reveals the level of awareness, the fact that the employees do experience an imbalance between their work and family lives, the factors which leads to the above issue and the methods which could be used to overcome the situation. Based on the findings several recommendations are discussed at the end of the report.


Today we live in a world where everything is happening and changing at a rapid phase. Our ‘wants’ have become so complicated that most of us feel, doing one job is not sufficient. In addition due to certain factors such as globalization, high competition organizations strive to make maximum profits using minimum resources. As a result employees have become workaholic that they do not even have time to think that they do have a personal life as well. In the mean time the employees also do have many responsibilities, out of the office such as issues of spouse, children, parents, relatives have to be taken care though neglected. In simple terms unlike good all days where people ‘work to live’ now the concept has changed to ‘live to work’. The ‘alienation’ concept which was introduced by Kalr Marx is very much applicable today. The increase in female labor, single parent families, dual career families, aging population has made the situation more complicated.

“Employees, especially the younger generation who are faced with long hours, the expectations of 24/7 connection and increasing pressure of globalization are beginning to demand changes from their employers. Also, people in the elderly employee segment are working longer now than in the past and are demanding different work arrangements to accommodate their life style needs.” (Abercromby, 2009)

However the present trend has created many new socio psychological problems. It has a direct impact on the individual which affect their physical and mental health, relationship with the family, society etc. On the other hand it does affect the employer as well. Low productivity, high turnover, increased absenteeism, accident rates are few examples. Therefore many organizations have taken several initiatives such as sending on compulsory paid leave, offering flexi working hours, compressed working days etc, to mitigate this problem. Since, ultimately this issue affect the society and becomes a social problem, many governments have taken initiative by setting several standards, imposing laws etc.

Being professionals or for those who are looking a career in any profession, it is important to have a thorough knowledge on the above issue, and have a clear idea, thereby it will be useful in the practical implication.

Also knowing the importance of the subject matter, many academics have already started to conduct comprehensive...
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