Workaholics: Working Time and Work

Topics: Working time, Workweek, Workaholic Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: May 30, 2012
Exposed to great stress and pressure, a great many modern people are forced to be “workaholics”. What problems may be caused by being a workaholic?

First of all, let’s give the definition of workaholism. What is Workaholic? Leaving a work voicemail, or E-mail, or short message at 10 p.m.? Don’t surprise. You might be a workaholic.
A paper out of the Rouen Business School in France says workaholism defined by work involvement, feelings of being compelled to work and work enjoyment can actually be constructive. Associated Press

How do you distinguish between workaholic and work model?
As a workaholic, working occupies one’s rest time even weekend. For example, it is common that a person only sleeps five hours a night or just eats a hamburger all day long in the US. For them it is natural to feel mental satisfaction while working, even forget the feeling of hungry and tired. The time with family becomes to shrink. And they don’t need any entertainment or leisure time. However, work model is the one who has a healthy and positive mental state. For them work is an important part of life but not the whole life. They love their work as well as their family and friends.

What problems may be caused by being a workaholic?
1. Lose many great moments of your life, such as miss the graduation ceremony of your child, forget the birthday of your family members, etc. 2. You will be the black sheep of company, your boss dislike the workaholic. I remember that a famous tycoon once said, “the standard to judge a capable person lies in whether he can finish the work efficiently, but not how late he stays at the office.” 3. The relationship of your family and you will go sour. For example, Jacky Chen once said with great regret, that he used to be such a keen movie actor that he neglected his son’s age. 4. You will break away from your group

5. You will pressurized by a heavy workload and life pressure

If you were an employer, what practices would you adopt...
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