The Reflection on Skills for Future

Topics: Learning, Skill, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: May 10, 2013
The reflection on skills for future
In an era of rapid technological progress and information explosion,in order to achieve both individuals and society’s improvement, it is particularly important to get to know what capacities should be owned to meet the challenges of the future. Howard Gardner introduced five different minds as: disciplined, synthesizing, creating, respectful and ethical that we will need to cultivate in the future. In this article, I would like to discuss the importance of professional, innovative and communication skills and how to cultivate these skills.

Firstly,I think professional skill has a positive impact on personal and career development. In the highly competitive world,a comprehensive understanding in professional knowledge will endow us advantages to others. According to Gardner (2008), if individuals don’t master one discipline they lagged behind others in the fierce competition. Therefore, we should keep learning the advanced knowledge and skills in our own discipline. However, mastering a discipline is not an easy task because it needs to take years of hard study. In addition, the continuous change in different field means that what we learned in the initial training courses will soon become dated and irrelevant. In this case, there is a question about how to cultivate professional skills.

As long as we insist on studying in our field, the accumulation of experience and knowledge will make our professional skills improved. Personally speaking, entering universities with advanced knowledge system is a direct and effective way. It is a great opportunity for me to study a higher degree after years of working. No matter what fields I am engaged, it can ponder my professional skill. However, it provides only theoretical knowledge and basic skills, and will be completed in 1-3years. If we want to follow the future trends of our industry, continuous learning in workplace is necessary. Therefore, knowing the new trends,sharing...
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