The Rediscovery of Customer

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Many attempts in past studies are aimed at solving the transaction crisis and rediscovering the customers. However, none of these attempts to solve the transaction crisis have addressed the problem: the deep structure of the standard enterprise logic. To simplify, they are only focused on the problem’s symptom, but not their cause.

According to the analysis that we mentioned on previous studies which lead us raised a question about “is the restructuring of companies from within possible to solve the transaction crisis?” Compare with Zuboff and Maxmin and Sawhney’s theories that there are two different points of views.

Zuboff and Maxmin indicate that firms are incapable of changing from within because the organization is more focused on the transaction value. Meanwhile, they believe that as long as the forces of organizational structure remain in place, the transformational change will remain an illusion. As we have seen in previous attempts, a shift away from the standard enterprise logic is impossible. To solve the transaction crisis, the new revolutions are more likely to emerge from outside of organizations.

On the other side, Sawhney discusses about how organizations should be restructured to fit the solution mindset. He indicates that the development of deep structures requires a fundamental change in the design of the organization. He proposes the front-back design which often requires a significant change management challenge within organization. He stated many cases, such as the IBM, has already shown us that change their structure of company from the within is possible even if they used the standard enterprise logic before. Therefore, in Sawhney’s theory, the restructuring of companies from within is possible to solve the transaction crisis.
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