Hp at a Strategic Crossroad: 2005

Topics: Organizational culture, Organizational studies, Organizational structure Pages: 10 (2996 words) Published: September 29, 2012
School of Business The University of Hong Kong
BUSI1007-C Group 4B Term paper on HP case

Name Bian Nan, Allison Cheung Ho Wai, Ken Lam Ka Yuen, Kevin Lee Ka King Liu Han, Eli Zhuang JieJing, Crown Zhou Yi,Shay 2008800028 2008218536 2008106692 2006051025 2008800872 2008802399 2008802351



i. General Analysis 1.1 The organizational transformation: An introduction. How do the major organizational dimensions relate to one another and with external environment in which businesses operate?

1.2 1.3 ii.

The major paradoxes today and HP’s dilemma
What are the major paradoxes & issues facing today’s business?

The difficulties of organizational transformation

HP: Some issues in the process of organizational transformation 2.1 Organizational culture How relevant is HP’s legacy in today’s competitive technology driven environment? Were the changes initiated buy Fiorina justified?


How was HP positioned before Fiorina’s arrival? Was she successful in repositioning the company?

2.3 iii. 3.1

Leadership style
What was Fiorina’s leadership style? Was she the right choice for HP?

Conclusion and perspective Justification of the new leadership Do you think a change In leadership will solve HP’s problems?


Strategic options open to the new CEO
In your opinion, what are the strategic options open to the new CEO?


The perspective of HP under the new leadership
Where do you think HP is heading today under the new leadership?


Some suggestions of HP’s transformation
If you were named the new CEO today, what would you do?


The organizational transformation: An introduction The transformation of today’s business organizations has become a very common topic, considering the constant changing nature of economy and market. In this essay, organizational transformation will be the major topic to be discussed, based on the case of “HP at a Strategic Crossroad: 2005”. Firstly, before the transformation, a clear picture of the organization needs to be depicted so as to analysis the existing problems. The analysis can basically be divided into two parts, the internal analysis and the internal factors’ interaction with the external environment analysis. Regarding the first part, the major dimensions within an organization include people, structure and technology. Each of them is a result of the other two which means they are all mutually related. Their relationship and mutual-functioning can basically be described by the following diagram. Structure assigns work for people/ People can change structure


Structure determines Technology/ Technology limits Structure

People use Technology/ Technology provide tools



for people

Regarding the second part, the relationship between the organizational dimensions and the external environment of an organization are as follows: 1. People: The connection to the external environment is mainly done by people, and people holds multi-identity in different environment. So people can be directly influenced by the external environment, no matter that the public pressure groups or the culture all may influence people’s behavior, attitude and expectation. Therefore, 3

people have deep connection with nearly every including of the environment. 2. Technology: Firstly, the technology level of the organization’s competitors defines the technology it needs to employ in order to compete and earn profit within the market. Also, the customers’ needs reflected from the external environment are the motivation for the organization to innovate its technology. 3. Structure: the structure of an organization is usually affected by the external environment as well. When the external environment is highly uncertain, the internal structure needs to be flexible to rapidly adapt to the new environment. So, in the context of today’s environment, the structure normally needs to be lean, fast and...
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