What Drives Organizational Change

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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What Drives Organizational Change Paper

What Drives Organizational Change?
When a business first enters into the market the organization develops goals and missions that they have set forth to achieve. However, during the lifetime of the company there are many internal and external factors that can affect the company from reaching their goals and achieving their set forth mission. As a result a company may have to enforce organizational changes to help the company stay on track to accomplish their future mission and objectives. Also to help companies achieve their desired mission and future objectives, this may have been affected by the internal and external factors that have arisen, and unless changes are implemented may no longer be attainable. The factors that can drive organizational change include technological developments, the economic environment, social cultural changes, and political and legal developments. Factors That Drive Organizational Change

Technological developments are a factor that drives for organizational change. The Internet is constantly changing allowing more opportunities and connections throughout the world, allowing consumers and other organizations to communicate and conduct business through the Internet regardless of what country the company is located. As a result a company may be forced to adapt and change the company’s current plan to stay competitive within the market and make the most of the advancements that other companies are using to stay competitive. As well as keeping up with the consumer needs and preferences, as some consumers may use the technological advancements to his or her advantage to purchase products and services. However, if the company does not become accustomed to the technological changes and develop a plan to drive organizational change to utilize the technological advancements to their benefit the company could result in loosing consumers. These consumers could go to...
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