The Reception - Descriptive Essay

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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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One particular oil painting of artist James Tissot’s is named A Woman of Ambition (Political Woman) and is also known as The Reception. Tissot created this particular work of art during the years 1883 to 1885. The painting itself being produced with oil paints, leaves multi-textured layers of thick paint in contrasting colors. In the painted scene, a young woman graces the arm of an elderly gentlemen only to be silently scrutinized and subjected to a whispering campaign. The view of the scene allows one to feel as though they are entering into an overcrowded, formal gathering. You enter into an expanse that appears semi-divided from the distant room that resembles a punctilious ballroom. Despite the crowded scene your attention is immediately focused on the young woman, as does the attention of a few of the members of this high society gathering. Immediately, as the center focal point, as though she were entering the party just ahead of you, you find her there with her thick brown hair, toppled loosely along the back of her head in a French bun, fastened with ornamental combs, laced with tri-colored feathers; pink, white and red. Her skin is soft, young, with a natural pink porcelain tone. Her dark brown eyes stand out as she looks out amongst the people with a delicate close-mouthed smile on her very femininely featured face. Her era appropriate dress is fine and fancy. A very full, light pink chiffon gown embraces her. The ten-plus layers of ruffling on the lower half of the dress spreads out as she walks through the room. The large pink bow on the rear bustling of her dress accentuates her young curvaceous figure as black velvet enhances her youthful waistline. She wears long, dark toned, almost brown gloves. They reach past her elbows so as to meet the short sleeve of the dress, leaving no skin to be shown. Following suit is the high-collar of the dress, which reaches her jaw line. The large feather fan she carries in her left arm adds to...
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