The Educational and Race Issue on Everyday Use

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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Final Semester Take Home Test : Everyday Use
Auliya Atika F.

Auliya Atika F.
Mr. Gindho Rizano M.Hum
Prose II
May 24, 2012
Final Task Examination

The Educational and Race Issue in Everyday Use
Everyday Use is a part of the short story collection In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black Woman (1973) by Alice Walker (Wikipedia). Alice Walker is an African – American blooded who often made issues about African – American itself mostly in her works . Everyday Use is one of her outstanding work which got many appreciation from literary’s devotees. This story itself is telling about an unlucky family who consist of Mama and her two daughters, where is a quarrel between Mama and her oldest daughter and also how her youngest daughter who have a very self low-esteem perceive any conflicts at their home. For this chance, I want to discuss the related topic which prominent enough to this stories, there are two things I want to discuss, the first is the educational issues between the characters, especially about the contrary among Mama and Maggie with Dee. And the second is race issues which contain in some parts of this story. The characters of Mama and Maggie in this story described is not get a good education facilities because of some unexperctable problem: “I never had an education myself. After second grade the school was closed down” (page 3). Although she and her youngest sister just couldn’t reach the proper education, her oldest sister, Dee could enjoy school until college now and she even studied in a prestigious boarding Final Semester Take Home Test : Everyday Use

Auliya Atika F.
school at other city. Dee at her sixteen age already have her own unique style, from head to toe, so bright and colorful, and ever her hairstyle which Mama can’t tolerance it anymore from the bottom of her heart: “A dress down to the ground, in this hot weather. A dress so loud it hurts my eyes …. I feel my whole face warming from the heat waves it throws out” (page 4). Mama actually hopes by sending Dee to the highest level of education, she could get into the moment to share any knowledge as large as Dee got from school: “…we raised the money, the church and me, to send her to Augusta to school.” (page 2). And the best point of expentacy of Mama sending her to school is in order to Dee more appreciate her in any things. Mama hopes Dee could appreciate Mama’s large and manly body, Mama’s dark skin, and how Mama acted like a strong man and she loves it a lots. It is a very simple hope from a mother to a daughter actually, but Dee definitely couldn’t make it at all. Dee just come back home after a long time since the last time she came with her more arrogant style towards her own family. She even greet Mama with the strange greetings language “Wa-su-zo Tean-o,”, which actually an African language. She comes to home with a strange boy who she introduced to Mama as her boyfriend. Her lofty style towards Mama, and how she threats Mama and Maggie bad, as she’s much better on any points than both of them are the result of what we get from studied on years. She’s just alienated herself and make her own arrogant cogitation about her life. Ironically Maggie who just never left home and having a traumatic problems because of she almost burned of fire at her home in the past. Her body just shuffled when she walks and her chin always bend down. She’s kind of a very nervous girl and just taking anything given to her. She’s very unconfindent with her lack of education and very suffered of her serious shyness towards society out there. Eventhough Mama always says to her that someday she will marry John Thomas and sooner after then will gain her self confident and could be a stronger woman. We can see the ironic contradiction between those two siblings and how education and the lack of it could give them dangerous impacts to their each other life. Final Semester Take Home Test : Everyday Use

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