Descriptive Essay

Topics: National Football League, American football, Super Bowl Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: November 11, 2012
DeShaun Bankston
Chris Chandler
English 101-526
Descriptive Essay
27 September 2012
The Greatest Sport in the World
American NFL football is the greatest sport in the world. Many would ask why I think this. The Gridiron as we all know it is a very magnificent, strategic, and violent sport. Football can easily catch the unknowing eye of anybody. American football is the greatest sport in the world because of the tailgating, my personal opinion, and the strategy of the game.

Through rain or shine, day or night, hail or sleet it really doesn’t matter what the weather is to tailgate. No matter what Mother Nature throws at tailgaters, tailgating is all about having fun. A great NFL stadium tailgate is a slight to behold. Tailgating also offer unhealthy, fatty, and grilled food in its godly goodness. People tend to bring elephant size tents with multiple fat screen televisions when tailgating. The only thing on tailgaters minds are football and partying. Tailgaters can even play football with complete strangers and have their own Tailgating Bowl.

The majority of American NFL football games are played on Sunday’s. My anticipation for Sunday NFL games is like a kid waiting to open up his presents on Christmas morning. My first time being inside the New Orleans Superdome which is now the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is one of the greatest feelings ever. The crowds were always loud, sounding like twenty eight wheelers revving up at the same damn time. Looking over the saints’ fans can be described as a black and gold sea. The feeling of being at an American NFL football game is like nothing else in the world. It’s like your parents buying you that brand new car you always wanted for your 18th birthday. American Football in my eyes is the most exciting sport in the world.

Nearly every football fan thinks he or she can coach a NFL team. No other sport requires so much thinking. Football is a game of strategy and tactics. There are plays and counter-plays, rather...
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