The Raven

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My teacher is my hero. Do you know why she is my hero? Because she looks out for me and teaches me lessons about life and lessons that I need to know. She also teaches me to be a good person, to be polite, courteous, brave and respectful especially to the elderly. And even though she is already tired and stressed, she still looks out for us and never gave up on us. While in school, she is our mother, because she makes sure that we are all safe. Sometimes when the class becomes unruly, she is always very patient. She treats everyone of us equally, no favoritism. That is my teacher. Teachers are heroes, because if there were no teachers there are no doctors, nurses, businessmen, politicians and other professionals. We will all be ignorants. If there are no teachers, we won’t be in the school because no one is going to teach us. On October 5, 2012, we will be celebrating Teacher’s Day with the theme “MY TEACHER, MY HERO”. On this day, let us show to the teachers that we love them and they are really very special to us. That, we all appreciate the things that they are doing for us. Some of us will give our teachers gifts, flowers, chocolates but I think the most important thing for us to do to show our appreciation and love for our teacher is for us to be respectful, to do things that our teachers wants us to do and to study hard. All my teachers in the past years were all good, they were very nice. I have few favorites and one of them is my teacher this year and she is Ma’am Geraldine. She is very nice, very supportive to us her students and makes us all feel the we are her own children. To you Ma’am Geraldine, I LOVE YOU and YOU ARE MY HERO! I SALUTE YOU!
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