The Race to the Finish

Topics: Cricket, Cricket pitch, Wicket Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: May 14, 2013
If there is one thing I love it is cricket. I have always been amazed by Cricket based movies and tournaments. Even as a kid, I would always go to various stadiums in my city to spectate the matches and always enjoyed the experience because of the positive energy around me. I never thought back then that it would turn into a passion and give me some of my most unforgettable memories I have always been somewhat active in cricket, but I got very serious when I reached high school in Nairobi Jaffery Academy. Just as I was looking for a place to go train lightly for nothing more than a workout, my friend introduced me to school Cricket team. I was amazed with the facilities that the players were allowed to access; Swimming Pools, Jacuzzis, World Class Cricket pitch, full kits and we also had a cheerleading squad! Actually, for most of the people on the team, it was more of a way of life than just a sport. Training was very rough, compared to how I casually played. I trained for about 6 months before the coach put me up in my first tournament. The tournament was going to be a local tournament. I trained long and hard every day not knowing what to expect. I have had a few formal matches before but never had gone full blast against a proper team. The day came and I was as prepared as I could have been. The first match was probably the hardest to get through. I was severely nervous. Probably at least a hundred set of eyes fixated on every move I made. Even before the umpire started the match, I felt worn out. But my team motivated me and reminded me of the fame, the glory, the final prize of moving on to play in London and my family who were eagerly waiting for me to show the opposing team who is boss. We qualified the first round rather easily as I helped my team by intercepting a lot of balls therefore preventing the opposing team from scoring too much runs. In fact, not only did we beat them, we humiliated them because our team captain started off batting and beat the...
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