The Purpose of Accountability

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  • Published : April 8, 2008
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The purpose of this directive is to ensure proper accountability of sensitive items which include: COMSEC equipment, Night Vision Devices (NVDs), Global Positioning Devices (GPDs), weapons, munitions, and any other item designated by a Controlled Inventory Identification Code (CIIC). This equipment is critical to our war fighting capability and highly desired by criminal and terrorist elements. It is imperative that commanders and leaders at all levels of command manage the control of sensitive items. Unit compliance with this policy will be confirmed during all command inspections. 2. Policy. Effective immediately, the following policy applies to all military personnel falling under the 1st Brigade special court-martial jurisdiction and all DoD civilians under my supervision. Sensitive items will be afforded the same degree of security as weapons with the following procedural measures taken to safeguard against loss: a. While in garrison, weapons and sensitive items will be centrally controlled by a designated individual. Hand receipts will be utilized during training events where weapons or sensitive items are needed and will be signed out to the individual soldier. b. Commanders will ensure monthly serial number inventories of all weapons and sensitive items are conducted by a responsible commissioned officer, warrant officer or noncommissioned officer (SFC or above). c. During field training exercises, NVDs, PLGRs and ANCDs will be affixed by a “dummy cord” to the soldiers’ load bearing equipment or worn around the neck. d. During field training exercises sensitive items will be accounted for prior to displacement from locations and within one hour of arrival at a new location. A serial number inventory of sensitive items will be reported to the next higher headquarters twice each day. Unit leaders will emphasize the need to physically check each item and not just look at the exterior of the carrying case. e. Weapons and sensitive items not being physically...
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