The Promotion of Heineken

Topics: Vietnam, Heineken Pilsener, Heineken brands Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: May 28, 2013
people drink beer based not only on quality but also on the image of the beer market. Referring to communication problems, Heineken is the only beer to consumers through creating impressive with the slogan “Heineken is not only beer, Heineken is the passion, the euphoria and emorable moments ". Heineken's strategy has always been chosen by other brands in the maket to consult about the artistry of Marketing . And why is that?

- Logo : The Heineken’s logo is always unique and individual. Red star with five wings symbolize the basic elements: earth, water, wind, fire and the magic, is made Heineken. The star is a symbol of quality by blending the traditional beer originated over 500 years ago. The letter "e" in the words Heineken is angled in such a deliberate way of smiling faces - feeling relaxed, refreshed while enjoying Heineken. Also below is the flower shaped Houblon - one of the ingredients makes pure flavor Heineken structure.

- Slogan: "If could only be Heineken" is the main slogan of Heineken. It was confirmed from the unique properties of the product besides Heineken also appeal from the formal style and color characteristics outside so everything becomes easier to conquer the market. and only shown the new Heineken formal style with top quality world that does not have beer, can help customers achieve the "individual" .

Besides the success in marketing strategy, Heineken not only is impressed by the funny clip, unique to consumer but also is known as a sponsors for range of entertainment such as sports (especially tennis), music and cinema. Heineken is the sponsor for extended tennis tournament, in Vietnam's Heineken Challenger tennis tournament. Heineken brand is associated with many music events in the world and Viet Nam such as Heineken Access, to confirm the position of the brand, Heineken has sponsored contest "to find music DJb" - a competition and the young vibrant world music and enthusiastic response is typical Thirst concert. In...
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