Rhetorical Analyst of Beer Ads

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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A Rhetorical Analyst of Anheuser-Busch Advertisements
Beer advertisements are everywhere. You see the daily on TV, in magazines, billboards and hear them on the radio. The greatest platform for any for any advertisement is the Super Bowl. Everyone looks forward to seeing all of the advertisements during the Super Bowl. The beer advertisements usually have the highest ratings and are the most popular of the night. They use humor and sex appeal to sell their beer to men, which are the majority of beer drinkers, and send the message to the audience that nothing is more pleasing than drinking a beer.  The ethos in any advertisement for Budweiser is that they are known as the king of beers. Many people know around the world of Budweiser and their logo. This gives them the ability to get viewers hooked on the advertisement from the start by just showing a logo. In the first Budweiser advertisement I looked at there are two Caucasian males having a good time after a game of golf. In the advertisement it says "The best part of an active afternoon is the relaxation that follows. Nothing like talking over the game, over a bottle of Bud”. This appeals to the viewer that may be finishing up a great day on the course and the ad tells you that there is no better way to finish it up other than sitting down and drinking a cold Budweiser. It also says "when you know your beer, it's bound to be Bud" which says that if you know the great taste of beer then you can expect it coming from a Budweiser. The ethos in this advertisement comes from Anheuser-Busch's statement "the beer brewed by the costliest process known... the beer so superior that it has pleased more people than any other beer in history". This gives Anheuser-Busch the credibility that their product is superior to any competing brands. It also gives the reader the impression that their ads are worth reading or watching.  In this advertisement there are three women lying across a giant six pack of beer,...
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